Next Steps Education - Company Message
We know and value the importance of choosing an inspiring and qualified tutor for your child. Next Steps Education is run by Maureen, an experienced and fully qualified education practitioner and a dedicated parent. At Next Steps, all our tutors are UK qualified teaching specialists with experience working in local schools. You can ask to sight a current DBS and view the qualification portfolio of your child's tutor. We are committed to ensuring your child’s academic needs are met.

Extra tuition is perfect for every child. It consolidates school learning and enables your child master the skills learnt in school. It is an opportunity for your child to learn in a focused, caring and individualised environment. If your child is very bright, they will benefit from getting challenging pieces of work, hence, ensuring continuous progress. For an average child, we will unlock hidden potentials that might be holding them back at school. For a child struggling at school, we will break learning barriers and gradually get your child to  expected school levels and beyond.

Who will benefit from extra tuition?
Your child will directly benefit from getting extra tuition as it will build their confidence, self-esteem and  raise their academic aspiration. Of course, parents and class teachers will benefit too because your child will become more independent and focused at school.

Obviously, we tailor specifically using traditional teaching and learning methods with no generic worksheets or computer-led programs. However, every child is different; we are qualified education experts with 100% interest in making your child’s learning enjoyable and fun. We will assess your child and work out range of personalised strategies that will suit your child.

Will I receive feedback on my child’s progress?
Yes, at the end of each session, you will be given full feedback.

Easy! Arrange a no-obligatory consultation, initial assessment and trial session by calling or sending an SMS or Whatsapp message to Maureen on 07757645810 or via email –

We strictly rely on providing one-to-one attention physically in our local home school extending to virtual learning support for your child while you are at home or holidaying away.

How many kids in a  session?
Very few of our classes are on a one-on-one ratio. Some are as small as only two children in the group. We will tutor a maximum of six children per session. All sessions are 100% personalised. Researches have shown that kids excel in competitive learning environments, making more progress whilst interacting in small groups. 

What is the cost of my tuition?
This depends on the type of service which matches your child's learning needs subject to thorough tutor assessment. This will be discussed with your tutor during your consultation. Let us start by identifying your child’s learning needs, academic aspiration then we will offer suitable learning programmes.

We teach curriculum subjects - Maths, English and Science for all types of learners from age 5 upwards. We prepare our learners for public exams like National SATs [for KS1, KS2 and KS3], 10+, 11+, 12+, 13+ [including - Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, if required], all types of selective entrance exams, GCSE and IGCSE. We also help learners with their day-to-day school homework. We follow the national curriculum requirement in all subjects, so your child’s learning will be directly relevant to their school work.

Will my child be given homework?
At the end of each session, your child will be given homework to help perfect their skills. We advise that you help by reminding your child to complete the homework as the tutor will be checking by the next session.

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